The Shop and the Pantry


The Shop and the Pantry

In the heart of the Borgo di Valeggio you will find our resale of handmade Tortellini and the whole product line.

In the shop you will also find our pantry. We have lived in Valeggio and its splendid territory for years. Here, in addition to producing the classic tortellini, we met other artisans, small producers and farmers.

Every day we bring to the table of our house and share the products of their work with the family. We have decided to open our pantry and to propose La Dispensa di Veronica, a selection of specialties made within a maximum of 50 kilometers from Valeggio.

Jams, honey, fruit juices, sauces, beer and wine, cold cuts and cheeses: the best that our land produces, worked with wisdom and passion.
The Pantry of Veronica is traveling in the flavors and traditions of our territory.

FOR RESERVATION: 045 9610402